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I just got my Megadap and have started some initial playing with this adapter.
It works quite well with autofocus. A bit noisy and slow but I knew that before purchase and it works as expected.
I had some fun using an old Voigtländer 10,5cm f3.5 Heliar lens in a Compur shutter from a trashed Bergheil folder. I set Compur to Z to have open shutter.
It was possible to attach extenders so infinity focus with Megadap was possible and down to 2 - 2.5m distance.
The image attached of books is a cropped image with Heliar set to f5.6 at about 2.5m distance. This just to check how good AF worked and it worked quite well.
I think this setup if the most heavy I will use with this adapter. I guess lens could be about 90 years old or so?

David H. Hartman:

As you'd expect Ken Rockwell has a opinion...

I'm not endorsing Ken but the information at the lnk above may be useful, or not.


Poor Ken Rockwell, he never should have reviewed lenses he never touched.

Yes, I read the review before I ordered the adapter.
The reviews are often quite detailed so he has spent some time exploring most details.

I was surprised that my Leica Summicon which is the version that has google attachment could be mounted as I read in the review that the "google" lenses could not be mounted.
But maybe there are some where the googles are permanent......I am not Leica expert and the Summicon I have has just been on a M3 body for display. I have never used it but now I think I will try it out. But I don't expect it to be better than the Nikkor 50/2 H's which I think are very nice lenses.

A couple of images with 10.5 cm Heliar out of my window. Last image is a crop to verify sharpness. The Heliar is acceptable sharp and could be fun to try to use as a portrait lens. Think it was its intended purpose back then. The Magadap did its job well. I see no CA so the designer of the lens probably knew what he did......even that it is an old design. Later came a "Color-Heliar" with coating so this uncoated version was probably only intended for BW. And if is was designed before any color-film was on the market......the designer could not anticipate I would put the lens on a Nikon Z-body......

The last shots was shot at 1/60 sec hand hold and Z50 has no VR in body so I guess sharpness could be enhanced a bit using a tripod or using higher ISO.


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