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is this prototype stereo lens ?

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hello , im syun !

first topic this forum , and im sorry im not good at english

i have some weird nikon ( maybe ? ) stereo lens

lens body looks like GN nikkor lens , but not engrave name

serial is 144301

and also i have nikkor 50mm f/1.2  250004

maybe this lens is first ai-s 50mm 1.2 ?


Jack Dahlgren:
That stereo lens is nice. Though these days it is easier to just join a couple of digital cameras together at the baseplate and use an electronic trigger.

Leitz made a 3.3cm, f/3.5 stereo lens called a STEMAR for their screw thread and M series bayonet mount film cameras.   ;D

Search for STEMAR on Ebay and you will often see them being offerred for sale at HUGE prices.   :-\

Hi, syun, welcome to NG!

The lens you have should be this one (Stereo-Nikkor 3.5cm/f3.5).  The depicted complete set was offered in a second-hand camera show held in Ginza:

Roland Vink:
That one was for rangefinder cameras, the one Syun has is for F mount. I vaguely remember seeing another like it before, it was based on the 45/2.8 GN lens.


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