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Nikkor-Q 13.5cm f/3.5 Auto!!!

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i promise, this is the last nikkor-q from me! apart from another one which is an RF lens :o :o :o

by the way i havent seen any Ai kits for these, do anybody here have pictures? :o :o :o

Roland Vink:
There were no AI conversion kits for these early lenses. AI conversion kit #47 for the Nikkor-Q 135/3.5 is only compatible for lenses with serial number 831211 and higher. In general, AI kits were only made for lenses made from about 1967 onwards.  I assume this when when the aperture ring changed from the older screw-on type to the ones which lift out when the mount is unscrewed.

Yes, that’s what i meant the high waist Qs. Do you have a photo of it?

Been looking for a long time :o :o :o

Roland Vink:
I found AI converted lens on ebay:


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