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David H. Hartman:
I hate asking dumb questions but here I go...

My D800 only offered the MOV file format for saving videos. Now with the D850 I see Nikon has included the MP4 format. My reading tells me MOV and MP4 are just containers, both are lousy compressed formats and if they use the same codec the video will have the same quality. If I got it right MP4 is an industry standard based on MOV and more generally accepted outside the Apple environment. So it seems that saving videos on my D850 in MP4 will make using the resulting videos easier without sacrificing quality. I primarily use Windows computers but I own an iMAC and a cousin is giving me an older MAC Book Pro so I am keeping a foot in the Apple environment.

What Say Ye! MOV or MP4?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.  :)


My reading told me the same's just a label.  It doesn't matter, unless you are doing a job and the post production person requests one or the other.  One thing you could do is shoot a sample on both .mov and .mp4,  and then see if your chosen video playback apps render one better over the other.

Michael Erlewine:
MOV was originally APPLE and the Mac, MP4 for all the other systems. Both containers and easily converted one to the other. If you have a Mac, probably MOV. I have Macs, but most of my work is on fast PCs, so I always use MP4 or similar.

David H. Hartman:
Thank you for the replies. I'm going to use MP4 as I'm mostly using a Windows laptop at this time.


David H. Hartman:
I was given an older MacBook Pro and I'm now getting it all setup nicely.


High Sierra is treating MP4 files as if they are applications downloaded from an unknown developer. My efforts to change the fill association from ViewNXi to Quicktime have failed. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've been searching on the net but I'm getting only hits that are irrelevant.


Any advice on a simple utility for either Windows or macOS (or both) to convert between MOV and MP4 without changing any of the encodeing, FPS, size, etc.?


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