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The death of a friend

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David Paterson:
First I want to apologise to everyone for my total lack of activity on the forum; my health is not great at the moment and I'm doing very little photography

Also, I want to draw the forum's attention to the death a great man - photographer, cinematographer, prolific author, climber, mountaineer, mountain rescue expert, inventor, technical/safety consultant to the movie industry, incl.  a substantial amount of work for the likes of Clint Eastwood -  all this and much more, a true polymath.

Hamish MacInnes was a friend to many, and it didn't matter to him if you were rich and famous, or just an ordinary Joe; if you were genuine so was he, with everyone. I count myself very fortunate to have had him as a fairly close friend for the past 20 years. He died at the weekend from complications following a fall in his house - he wasn't young - 90 - and had other serious health issues.

He was an excellent photographer, and probably would have made his mark ( no pun intended!) there as well; but he simply lacked the time to devote to it - he was a very busy person. An American mountaineering friend called Hamish "The Great One" without any irony or taking the mickey - such is the effect Hamish had on many people; including me.

Sorry for your loss

I'm reading about Dr. McInnes on the internet

And I wish you get well soon

I immediately went to Google...

On my sole extensive visit to Scotland, I visited Glen Coe... now I got one more reason for appreciating this place.

Sorry for your losing your friend--so hard I know. Have missed your sharing of images and have worried a bit not seeing your posts--pray your health takes a good turn.

Sorry David to hear of the loss of your friend.  I think that 2020 has been a horrible year for us all, especially when those that we are close to die.

I hope that your own health picks up soon.


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