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Piraeus Music School

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Nasos Kosmas:
Back in 2016 I made some photos of the students of this school in concert for Christmas
The use of D7000 and AFS 85 1.8G fully open gave a little blur and finally a film like style with manual focus 
The reason to remember these shots is the thread :  Show your 80-85mm images , on this forum
Thank you


Nasos Kosmas:
The framing is a little unusual, I was in the second theatre  row and I couldn't move and the use of a standard 85mm  lens contributed on this

Apparently, it is the ensemble for the Greek music.  Very interesting.  I think I can recognize some bouzoukis, an oud and a darbuka but not the three-string instrument in the first image.

I've had love-and-hate relationship with my D7000.  Although I still love the image rendition derived from the camera, I almost cursed its unreliable AF performance.

Thank you for sharing, Nasos!

Nasos Kosmas:
Thank you Akira!
The instrument you mentioned is here
It’s the Grand Father of bouzouki :)

I do agree with you for D7000 and the reason for me to change to D7200 these days and z50 now
But the overall image with the camera been unable to show details in hi iso and the non VR lens gave this film mode that personally like

Thank you for the link to tambouras.  It is always fascinating to learn about the historical instruments.

And I agree that a less perfect camera in today's standard can offer an adorable characteristics of images.  I've been tempted to get D3000, the last Nikon camera with a CCD sensor...


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