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nikon D500 plus grip, 39667 shutter count


I´m selling my D500 to finance a second Z6 (II?) The machine is brilliant but something must go and silent shutter is the key here, so...

  D500 body+ battery+ charger not original. All in excellent state and working order
   900€ plus shipping

   Mb-d17 original+ en-el15 tray+ AAA tray. Very good shape. It has a mark for using an l-plate from the D5...does not affect use or feeling in any way. 180€ plus shipping

    Mb-d17 branded "Vello", from BH New York. Not the best but it works. Comes with tray for the battery.
    35€ plus shipping

    En-el18a battery brand "VHBW" It works. Comes with charger. Fits both grips, original and Vello and it supposed to work with D800 and D800e with grip as well. That I can not confirm by experience.
    20€ plus shipping

    All is in perfectly working order and well taken care of. It can be pick up in Granada, Spain :)



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