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G'day from Nebraska

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I'm am ex-pat Aussie living in western Nebraska. I was many years ago employed as a portrait photographer after getting an associates degree in Photographic Communications. However. I have been a full time industrial electrician most of my life and photography is just something I like to do.
I was in college during the intro of digital, so have had some darkroom time and lately have started playing with film again. Besides my old school N80 I have a tank-stopper F5 that makes me happy whenever I pick it up, and just received an old FM in great shape.  Its so simple and solid it might be my new favorite.

Welcome to NG.  There are a few Aussies & Kiwis on this kindly site.  Enjoy.  ;D

Erik Lund:
Welcome to NikonGear! Enjoy ;)

Welcome / Bienvenue / Willkommen / Welkom / Bienvenido !

Birna Rørslett:
NG welcomes any enthusiast whether they use film or digital gear. It is the result that counts.


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