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Case for Nikon 1, J5 and a longer zoom


Steven P.:
I bought a few Nikon 1, camera bodies and lenses over the last year or so. The J5 and the 6.7-13mm (18-35, equivilent.) Is about 25mm longer than the standard 10-30.

I have a nice "NeverReady leather Case" that is a good fit, but not for the 6.7-13, which is too long.

Do they make a neoprene pullover sock that will be a good fit? I tried applying heat to stretch the lens cup on my PU leather, never ready. I got a few millimeters, but no cigar.

I'm kinda' hot on the J5, because "in a perfect world," IQ can sometimes produce near larger sensor quality, and it fits in a coat pocket. Weird discontinued camera, but generally an obscure gem.
Thank you in advance,

Birna Rørslett:
Not sure why anyone really would wish for a never-ready case -- unless it's for the purpose of trransportation and then any piece of cloth wrapped around the item will do.

Get a good camera strap and wear the camera + lens slung over your shoulder.  Then at least you will be able to make photos with the gear omce the opportunity arrives.

The 6.7-13mm Nikkor by the way is a nice lens and capable of making some great photographs.

A pity Nikon decided to dumb-down most of the "1" series as they can be a cost-effective approach to many picture-taking situations.

I also think that a generic neoprene or quilted wrapping sheet would be a better choice.  To me, any leather "never ready" case spoils the ergonomics of the camera body.

I also think it a shame that Nikon ditched Nikon 1 series.  I believe that the 1" sensor is still a very promising format for compact video-still hybrid cameras, at least up to 4K video.

Steven P.:
Imho, the J5 is too tiny to use a traditional neck strap, which I did try for a while. I use an ancient coolpix wrist strap and I have a couple N1 branded, leather wrist straps. I wasn't much aware of the N1 system till I saw boxed, brand new accessories in local thrift stores.

I purchased the leather "NeverReady" case via Ebay, direct from China. (It might not be easy to get another right now.) Riding within the "NeverReady," I can toss the camera on the car seat, drop it by accident and all is well. I am well aware of the downside/missed shots, etc.

Perhaps I like the nostalgia of yesteryear stuff. I don't know why. (Haven't you figured out, photographers are a fickle, picky lot, generally hard to please, and have the ability to fuss over silly stuff.)

The J series and the 6.7-13 make for an odd shaped lump, especially removing it from your coat pocket. In the US, the J5, short zoom, longer zoom bring a fairly steep price.

Steven P.:
Just an added tip.

A100mm Arca plate attached to the J5 really makes a nice hand grip and balances the wide zoom..


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