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Thomas Stellwag:
the fully bended crane on a vessel is the one where the hook broke during setup. It was planned to be the stronges floating crane in the world

The first one is amazing!  So surreal.

Jack Dahlgren:
I’m trying to figure out what happened. Looks like the jib went past vertical and the whole thing folded over itself. Cranes are dangerous, but you would think they would have the best engineers and operators out for a crane like this.

Thomas Stellwag:
Akira, thanks for commenting

Jack, during the test of this 5000t crane, they lifted a pontoon out of water (5500t) and the hook broke.
With the sudden load release the double boom swinged back beyond its normal shape by just folding down on the back side.
They speak of €50-100 million damage to crane and vessel. This hook was supplied by another company, there are ongoing investigations as far as I know.
According to the planning this vessel should work since a while in Scotland to install off shore wind rotors.

Amazing images and background story!


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