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Nikon D3 for sale [CANADA]

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Ian Watson:
It was just my luck to post this advert back in March :o Now that we have settled into a new routine, perhaps I can try again.

I bought this D3 as a refurbished item in 2013. Since then it has accumulated just over 9,000 shutter actuations. It comes with the battery, charger, manual, box and a Kirk L-plate.


(That is roughly €600, £550 or US$700.)

Not posting in interest of purchasing, but you should list the total actuations to avoid people asking anyways.  I would.

Ian Watson:
Thank you for the tip, Tristin.

The shutter count is 9086.

Nice, sounds like a solid deal to me! 

Frank Fremerey:
I sold mine at 160k for 650€ years ago. Yours looks mint, yet I still would never go back to her. Good luck. Very good deal!


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