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David H. Hartman:
I've been trying to get an old Core i3, Linux Mint Cinnamon laptop to a usable state and the available software just isn't working.

My workflow is Nikon Capture NX-D to Photoshop CS2 via a TIF. Now I'm thinking I'm going to have to bite the bullet and by a new laptop computer, I really want a MAC Book Pro but don't have $2500.00 give or take for one that would please me.

I'm considering a Windows computer with a Core I7, 16GB ram and a 0.5 TB SSD.
Must have a lighted keyboard and I don't want a touch screen,
Costco here in the US has and 90 day return policy and local return.
I might be able to swing $1,400.00 for the purchase.

I'm considering these...

I really appreciate any guidance!

Dave Hartman

Bent Hjarbo:
Is a used MacBook a possibility with the economy?

Maybe checkout a gaming laptop.

Jack Dahlgren:
My company has worked out a set of laptop configurations which we think are most important to digital creators (this includes photographers). Many of the manufacturers have responded with laptops which meet these requirements.
Take a look at what is out there.

David H. Hartman:
Thank you for the replies. I hope I can do something fairly soon. Both of the computers I'm looking at use NVIDIA GeForce GPU(s).

I have some time with a couple of MAC book pros and I like them. The one I'd like is about $1,200.00 USD out of my reach.



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