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Hello from Monterey, California!

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Hello everyone!

I found this site as I have been slowly selling off my old, rarely used Nikon gear and was curious if there was a way to fix my "squeaky" 300mm f/4 lens. I came across a few answers which certainly help, so decided to go ahead and join what seems to be an invaluable resource and community of Nikon users.

I am a part-time professional wildlife photographer with a primary interest in birds. I am a Nikon shooter simply because this was the brand originally recommended to me by a friend when I was about to purchase my first DSLR, which was the D80.  Since then I have acquired the D300, D3s, D750 and D500. I have subsequently sold the D3s and D750, but currently have my eye on the D850 as my new FX body. Lenses range from the 24-120mm up to the 500mm f/4 VR, although I have become a big fan of the D500 and the 200-500mm combo. It is a great "walk around" solution to lugging the heavy 500mm prime and it is also ideal for travel.

I look forward to being a part of the NikonGear community!


Welcome to NikonGear, Jacqui. I hope you find lots of helpful information and make some friends here.

Monterey is a wonderful part of the world that I have been fortunate to visit many times over the years. Sadly not this year.

Jack Dahlgren:
Welcome aboard. I'm just up the coast in San Mateo and envy the photographic potential of your area. It is beautiful and every changing down there.

Welcome. My sole trip to California brought me to Sausalito and Millbrae, plus a couple of places in between, so Monterey will remain a dream. Maybe you could provide a glimpse :)

Jacqui, welcome to the site.   Beautiful part of California but I have not been since the 1960's and never really looked at the birds.   Show us some of your images please.  I am looking for a used 500 5.6 E agreeing that the 500 f4G is too heavy these days.  Unfortunately not any around in India so far  :( ,


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