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An autumn in Finland

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To anticipate the coming autumn, I would like to share these images back from September 2015. I drove north from Helsinki in the eastern part of the country and return through the western part. Some highlights were the Plielinen area, Oulanka, the marsh near Oulu, and the 100s of lakes all over. This weekend I finally I had some time to select a few images. A very rainy 10 days with a few strokes of light made for a very interesting color palette.

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Bent Hjarbo:
Lovely pictures  :)

Wonderful images of gorgeous country...

Sheesh, Simone. What have you done? Now i have to go there as well  :o ::) 8) 8)

Very nice pictures, some beauties there!

Though as of July it feels like we've a few more months till these scenes come around again Simone


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