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Meeting Ivone and Thomas Stellwag in Den Haag

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Jakov Minić:
Thomas took us out for dinner. Thank you Thomas, Nomad did not dissapoint.
Thomas is showing off his Leica M10, and he will post a better image than this phone image...
More importantly, we are brainstorming a possible NG get-together in September, region German-Swiss border, Lake Constance.
Any interested folk?

Bruno Schroder:
Yes, always interested in NG gatherings.

Fons Baerken:
Hi ;)

Bent Hjarbo:

--- Quote from: Bruno Schroder on July 15, 2020, 21:56:42 ---Yes, always interested in NG gatherings.

--- End quote ---
+1 :)

+2  :)


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