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Noct Nikkor (58/1.2 AIS), another batch

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... of shots, not of lenses.
At night, there are better alternatives : the Tamron 45/1.8 comes to mind. But for daytime usage, I always found the Noct quite interesting, and often convincing.

Both shots at f/1.2. Sharpness is adequate, even though the sharpness zone is very thin (and not quite plane).

Performance near MFD does not drop too sharply. Of course, using the lens wide open under such conditions is near-nonsense, but...
Apertures were f/2, f/2.8, f/1.4, F/2, f/4. There is some noticeable LoCA in the first one, and some blueish fringing against bright backgrounds, but not at a revolting level.

At mid-distances, the full aperture is more useful, given the combination of subject isolation + vignetting + liquid bokeh. Sorry about the shots, the garden was not the most inspiring place.

... not to forget one thing : at f/4, it is a brilliant portrait lens esp. for elderly people (high contrast, the wrinkles come out nicely); at f/8 (below), there is no trouble with architecture. By the way, I did not correct the barrel distortion.

Forgot to tell : all shots taken with my trusty Df and a standard focussing screen + DK17M magnifier. In bright daylight as today, focussing is not an issue, I missed very few. Under dim conditions, ouch...

Reminder: the old Noct is perfectly usable on a Z7 (as I could test in a shop). Alas, I do not own one.

At full aperture, the otherwise excellent 105/1.8 is rarely usable, while the Noct is often usable at 1.2. This is really impressive...


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