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Hello from Kent in the UK


Ian Surita:
Hello to all at NikonGear.  I am a retired Publishing Director and finally went digital when the D300 was introduced in the UK, though I still have my F3 and F4.  I still own and use my D300 alongside a Df, and have to say that I never used it other than in JPEG mode.  I now shoot in RAW and appreciate the quality of the D300.
I am using it more now, with the 24-120mm f3.5-5.6D attached as my standard lens.

Bent Hjarbo:
Welcome to our friendly part of cyberspace  :)

Jakov Minić:
Dear Ian,

Welcome to NG.
Glad to have you with us and do show us your photos.

Regards, Jakov 

Welcome to NG, a nice place to be  :)

Ian Surita:
Thank you all for the warm welcome.
Jakov...I will dearly like to post some photos but having some problems uploading.  I am told my files are too large and I cannot Seem to reduce the size and also I cannot see any preview.  However I will keep trying :)
Regards Ian


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