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New-Nikkor 135mm f/2.8!!!

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I really don't know much about this lens to be frank... ::)

doesn't seem remarkable in any way :o :o :o

Frank Fremerey:
You are not Frank, that is me.

I had this lens as my beloved outdoor portrait fixture in the 1980ies and 1990ies. Superb sharpness and detail rendering, bokeh can be a tad harsh at times but not if the background is far enough away.

I really loved the build in hood.

Jack Dahlgren:
This COVID sheltering is certainly increasing your output!

Frank Fremerey:

--- Quote from: Jack Dahlgren on May 10, 2020, 21:33:39 ---This COVID sheltering is certainly increasing your output!

--- End quote ---

I certainly love you, Jack and we will see as soon as you "vote him away" .. Covid needs my 300PF or my 2/200VR if more intimacy seems to be required. ;-)

Roland Vink:
It's interesting you prefer the Nikkor-Q 135/2.8 Auto, I didn't add one to my collection for years because I didn't like the look of it - the proportions seem wrong and diamond-pattern rubber grip don't match other similar lenses like the 105/2.5 or 200/4. On the other hand I really like New-Nikkor (K) version - much more refined shape and better lens coatings. I have one which is AI converted, should really use it more often! :) :o


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