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NPS, to be or not to be

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I have never been a member of NPS and now I´m curious about what it entitles. A few questions: even if the acronym is self-explanatory, what it is practical for? How do you qualify? General benefits and obligations if any? Personal experience?

  I´ll like to hear from experience rather that searching the web.  Thank you in advance

Birna Rørslett:
As a professional photographer using Nikon gear, you are qualified. Just contact the national Nikon centre and apply.

The main benefits are priority access to new gear and rapid camera service inland or abroad, which has helped me more than once. Often free service as well. I got 30 minutes turn-around for camera cleaning in Prague, Cape Town, and other places. In Cape town, they even fixed a stuck lens mount on the 300 PF for free while I was waiting. At events you can get loaner lenses etc.

In short, just ask.

Canon has a similar facility. I don't know about Sony or Olympus.

Erik Lund:
Leica do as well.
Here i the Nordic countries there has been many NPS events as well, launch of new products and the like

Thanks Birna, it sounds very good indeed. I´ll look into it.

I am an NPS member, here in Switzerland. They are quite picky in their approval process. For the time being, not used their services. But I always keep track of the closest NPS service, when I’m traveling.


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