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[Solved] Linked original images from Zenfolio has stopped displaying

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Øivind Tøien:
I discovered that images originals that I have linked from my Zenfolio account have stopped displaying here if they do not reside in the local cache (for instance by opening an incognito window.) It also happens if new images are linked. Are anyone else who link images from Zenfolio experiencing this with their images?
The images display on the Zenfolio site, but those are the previews, not originals. The problem is also present at the UV photo site, also with Internet Explorer.

This seems to have started happening in the last couple of days, as new images I uploaded Saturday were OK at that point.  I always link to originals of final size as I do not trust the previews to always be available. Just to illustrate what happens (or rather not...), I include a linked image I uploaded today below. I can download the original from Zenfolio, so this is obviously a technical problem.

No problems on my side. I usually copy and paste the img part of the BB-code and that works far.

Øivind Tøien:

--- Quote from: PeterN on March 30, 2020, 15:50:17 ---No problems on my side. I usually copy and paste the img part of the BB-code and that works far.

--- End quote ---

The last image you posted in the daily thread did not have a zenfolio URL but I assume you have your own site name:
It anyway looks like you are pointing to one of the resized image previews, not the originals. I can also make that working, but zenfolio will then try to do some processing with the resizing etc. that I do not have control over and they tend to delete those previews at regular intervals, so I have not used to link to previews, like this one:

(This image displays in the daily thread, but then as an attachment.)

Anyone else here who link directly to the Zenfolio image originals as below (typically resized by yourself) ?

Øivind Tøien:
They fixed the problem so it is back to normal now. The invisible image in the original post above is now visible.

Birna Rørslett:
Good. Another headache sorted.

Basically the NG Crew would wish all images to be stored on our website and not linked to external sources. That ensures they always are available. The downside of course is that eventually we'll run out of storage space and have to upgrade to a more spacious server. At present our VPS is well behaved and we have no immediate problems concerning storage.


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