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Re: Hello from Copenhagen
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As to your 35mm, that look sas if the glue holding the lens group together, and holding it in the lens body starts to deteriorate. If that is th ecase, I would advise to use the lans as it is now, because a fix might not be financially viable, unless you fit an optical group from another lens.

The technical camera mounted to the DSLR looks really interesting. I studied photography back in the late 1990's and learned with large format cameras (Linhoff and Cambo) and always missed the real movements those cameras offered.

I think I just got a compromise solution in buying a Nikon PB-4 bellows and a bellows lens, but I still have to wait for the bellows to be delivered.

Anyways, welcome to the forum. From the conversation you stirred up, I'd say you found the right place :)