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Borobudur Indonesia 2009

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In 2009 my wife and I visited family of my wife in Java, Indonesia. We toured this fascinating island and of course also went to see the famous Buddhist temple Borobudur (built 9th century).

This weekend I browsed the images I shot with my then new Nikon D70s and decided to (re)process a few.






Birna Rørslett:
I'm moving this to the Travel Diary forum. It's best to cluster our experiences into one board instead of sprinkling the contributions across the NG site :)

Overlooked that forum, sorry. Thanks Birna.

Birna Rørslett:
No problems at all. We have admin tools for that purpose ...

Very nice photographs, by the way. Seems the D70s really delivered for you back then.

Thanks. Yes, I did like the D70s a lot and during that time I met some experienced photographers who became friends and who inspired me to improve my photography and post-processing. I kept on shooting the D70s until I was convinced I was ready for a better camera, that was the D700 :)


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