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Sold: Nikkor 19mm PC-E f/4


Erik Lund:
I have no longer the Architect client, sadly, so I don’t have use for it anymore,,,
It’s still mint and absolutely one of NIKON’s sharpest lenses, for sure their best wide angle!
A joy to shoot even into the light or even with the sun in the frame.
Lens with both caps, custom lens hood and panorama lens collar.
2.500,- €

Birna Rørslett:
Where did you get the panorama collar, Erik?

Erik Lund:
I made it from a Byrzynski collar for another lens, I'm already getting emails from people interested in the lens, so I will have to ask if they want  collar or if I can hold it for you ;) Sorry it's sold

Birna Rørslett:
Oh well. I own the 19 PC *and* the bespoke lens hood you made for it. So no reason to complain. Just wistful thinking on my part. Surely the setup looks nice.

Erik Lund:
It's the lens collar for 105mm Micro Nikkor AFS from Burzynski that need light trimming ;)
I have seen some third party collar is now available on eBay,,,


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