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Nikkor Shooter:

A client has reserved a corner of the store for a new line
of products and wanted a shot of it to use for advertising.

Erik Lund:
Nice, I would recommend to crop off the top until where the ceiling meets the walls, maybe a little off the floor and definitely more image close up or where part is close up rest more overview ;)On my monitor it looks like high ISO, most likely scaling issue.There is a big difference in light intensity between the spots on the rear wall and the left wall, a fill-flash indirect or huge soft box would help even out the look and feel and also minimize the strong floor highlights.Last the bright reflection in the rightmost cabinet should be covered with a black flag behind the camera position to make it less dominant and remove the risk of a selfie  8)

Challenging subject... I think you did well in balancing the different elements and keeping everything straight.
Some ideas that could be useful:
- Get closer, shoot from within the array of displays. E.g. use a very wide lens to emphasize certain elements in the foreground. The current shot has everything at the same distance, which gives a good overview but lacks tension. Maybe the client wanted to have everything on the shot but it's good to have options, and sometimes clients end up preferring a shot they didn't see themselves.
- Shoot at night and use additional lights, both to manage reflections and the dynamic range and to give more texture. The flat window light makes the display cases look a bit dull. Blend different exposures for the interior of the cases and the exterior. Exposing each case separately could help in reducing light contamination from other cases. This also gives some options, e.g. shots of individual cases surrounded by black could look interesting.

There is something weird going on with the vertical line on the floor in this image... Is it some stitching artifact or just a shadow?
Also the window on the LHS behind the case is a little distracting. If you have a shot from further to the left maybe the window is less obtrusive or even invisible?

Erik Lund:

--- Quote from: simsurace on February 04, 2020, 17:27:28 ---..

There is something weird going on with the vertical line on the floor in this image... Is it some stitching artifact or just a shadow?

--- End quote ---
Yes, could be stitching error,,, well spotted

I agree on all points ;)

Nikkor Shooter:

In terms of composition and all other aspect of the shot, many consultations
with the graphic dept. and the advertising agency among others, got to that
level of compromise. Even the decor team of the whole store had no better
solution due to the store floor layout and available space.

 1, The top of the picture and the negative space belong to the graphic team.
 2, The product logo has to be seen-
 3, in such work, impression has precedence over information-
 4, Any support lighting would increase the difficulties and the PP -
 5, the floor highlights were part of the wanted image by the graphic team and
     I agree with them.
 6, The rightmost cabinet? I did try to flag the window but it would force flash
     and further specular reflection problems and I already was at 1250 ISO.
 7, closer would steal the negative space needed.
 8, Shoot at night? No chance.
 9, The flat window… yes, but it reflects other parts of the displays.
10, Is it some stitching artifact or just a shadow? Displays reflections, no stitching.
11, Also the window on the LHS… yes, that is a nightmare but" it is there" he said.
12, window less obtrusive or even invisible? Yes but to the price of the jewellery
      showcases… and St Valentine is at the door.

Two hours were spent will all concerned and AoV, crop, highlights etc were all on the
table. The session should not have disturbed the store operations and it had to fit
the budget and time table.
I had to cope with the neighbouring sections of the store… very tight space.


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