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A general question:  I have  D3s body in very good condition and low shutter count (around 12k) but the AF has a severe backfocus issue that can not be corrected with the fine adjustments. Even -20 in general camera in addition with -20 in lens profile can not always fix it.
  Is it vey expensive to have it calibrated or replaced if needed? A ballpark figure will be enough.

   Thank you in advance!

Wow Paco  that is low miliage  ;) :) .  I sold mine with 195K.
No idea of price  but a question , has it always been that way?
Sounds like it has taken a knock and something out of alignment.
My service manager has left Nikon India and changed his mobile number otherwise I would give him a call.
All the best getting it sorted

Frank Fremerey:
Sounds like a misalingment due to an accident. Possibly the bayonet does not sit in the original position anymore. I once had this with my D3 and Nikon did exchange the bayonet. It was not expensive, less thank 100€. Go to Nikon, get a quote.

Thank you both. Going to nikon is definitely the thing to do but is the weekend here, I just got my hands on the camara and official services will not respond until monday.
  This is my first ever "one digit" nikon. Always wanted one    :)  It ceels sooo good

Ah Paco, so you do not know the history of the camera.   One quick check is to mount a D lens and see if it will AF.    If not the mount is deformed which, with that body, means the body could also be bent out of shape  ;) .  That would make it more expensive to repair.   Great camera and hated to sell mine but I was not using it as much as when I was shooting lots of Sport.   Get it to Nikon and see what they say.
Hope it is simple and CHEAP (ish).


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