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Nikongear to shut down for software maintenance 31 Dec. 2019


Birna Rørslett:
We announce Site Maintenance  scheduled to take place on 31 Dec, 2019.

Our forum software will be upgraded to version 2.016, with full support for the compulsory GDPR Directive, and various  bug fixes. The update is long overdue and we shall not venture into the New Year without having implemented it.

The NG site will be set to Maintenance Mode in the morning hours, and reopened for member access as soon as possible. The outage can take some hours as a full site backup is involved.

We hope concomitantly to sort some email issues that still occur.

The NG Crew takes the opportunity to wish all our members a Happy New Year 2020.

Birna Rørslett:
The forum upgrade went smoothly. Thus NG is back to normal service after just 1 hour of outage.

New members now will have to agree to  GDPR directive as well as passing our traditional screening questions :)

Birna Rørslett:
We had a very short outage today (< 5 minutes), allowing us to patch the SMF software to level 2.017.

All is back to normal now.


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