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Nikongear to become a Cloud Service


Birna Rørslett:
NG will soon move to an updated Cloud Server. The server service is provisioned and being configured as of now. Unfortunately, this means we will get another IP address, which is for our upcoming server. We will, on the flip side, get full TLS 1.2 security thus no longer being troubled by "broken padlocks".[crossing fingers here]

We expect there will be a temporary shut-down of NG during the actual migration of accounts, and testing of the new facility. This stage might be of short duration, hopefully. Or could be an outage of 1-2 days.

I take the opportunity to ask more members to become NG Subscribers in order to ease the financial burden the NG Crew has taken on to facilitate the move. NG is strictly non-commercial: there is absolutely no advertising, third-party data miners or what-have-you afoot here. This principle is the foundation of what constitutes the world-wide NG community. The benefit of a subscription is to help ensure NG continues as a non-commercial, ideal undertaking also in the days and years ahead.

Stay tuned for further announcements.

Birna Rørslett:
We are again fully operational, but this time on a modern OS supporting all the required security protocols. No more  broken padlocks.

I sorted a last-minute issue of text displaying in a wrong character set, and apparently this issue was uprooted before it became an annoyance (in particular to our Nordic members, including myself). Do post to the Site Issues board if anything untoward, character-wise, turns up later.

As a result of the migration, we hope to get more subscribing members. The annual fee is modest by any standards and you do help Nikongear continue its already long tradition of being an independent and non-commercial site, free of all advertising, tracking, data mining, and bad third-party software. A nice resolution for  New Year's Eve, perhaps?

Birna Rørslett:
A tidbit of information,

- the "old" NG ran on the server Fiercebear

- our new server is BirnaoftheNorth

Thus, we have transitioned in more than one aspect :)

Birna Rørslett:
Apparently, some icon files did not survive the concurrent move from 'English' to the explicit 'English-utf8'. I have rectified the situation for some, however, please report back if other icons still won't load.


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