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Excellent action captures.

Perhaps consider cropping in tighter with the first and last, to emphasise the drama?

Tom, you captured tense and exciting moments.  Thank you for sharing!

Your chosen B&W tonal style seems to work well for the subject.  These shots demonstrate the value of the frozen moment allowing us to see much more than could have been perceived by eye if watching the match in real time.

Tom, I agree with all of the previous comments.  These are great moments captured in great photos - timing and technique are absolutely spot on.  Cheers, John

Many thanks all.  I do normally put the camera and lens in the post but was in a hurry and since it was about PP I was not too concerned  ;)
First image was D3S, 70-200 2.8G vr mkII at 200mm f2.8 1/1000 iso 1000.
Second image Df, 300 2.8G vr with TC1.4 .  f4.5,  420mm, 1/2000 iso 1000
3rd image  D300S, 300 2.8Gvr with TC1.4.  f5.6, 420mm, 1/1000, iso  360 (well it was the D300S  ;) )
  1st and 3rd not much of a crop. will take a look on others Anthony.   2nd image was cropped reasonably close .  I did not get the ball in shot so just liked the leading lines of eyes, arms to the out of frame ball.  One of the things about fixed FL.
I tended to use the 70-200 2.8 on the D3S much of the time (love the combo for fast, close action) and the 300 2.8 on second body.  D300/D300S/D700/D610/D750.  Even the Df or D7100  :) .  I also used two MB10 with big batteries .
Edit: Due to politics , I am not shooting as much Soccer as before.  No longer any Pro Soccer so now only village Clubs (more fun , less restrictions :) )


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