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I've been asked to submit a collection of images, all genres, for a workshop.   I have tons of Street, Documentary. Events and People so I thought I would do some more Sport.
Ideas would be appreciated.  Since I cannot use CNX2 for most of the cameras I use Nik and then hit the sliders.  I like high contrast with striking Blacks and whites but some of my market are not that keen, the last one is CNX2 only .

Fons Baerken:
Your images are splendid! Tom.

Thank you Fons.


--- Quote from: Fons Baerken on November 24, 2019, 09:14:33 ---Your images are splendid! Tom.

--- End quote ---

I agree !

It would be nice to know the detail about the gear used and settings.
These pics show very well the action, and put the watchers inside the scene, thanks the blurry background.

John Geerts:
Yes, beautiful !


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