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How do those windmills get there?

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Øivind Tøien:
Some windmills already in place in existing park above Stokmarknes Sortland, Northern Norway:


Rotor blades on their way to location in Northern Norway, here outside Lødingen:



Stems on ship outside Tromsø:

(From current location of this ship, it looks like final destination is Kvaløya outside Tromsø.)

Fons Baerken:
Nice series, thanks for showing.

John Geerts:
A huge operation.  Greatly documented.   Impressive light on the 1st one.

Impressive. Well documented!

Øivind Tøien:
Thanks Fons, John and Luc.
Yes, the dimensions of these things are really huge. Unfortunately that also calls for large transport roads  to be made in nature for the land part of the transport, a contributing cause of controversy.


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