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Andrea B.:
testing smilies......

 ;D 8) ??? :P

Frank Fremerey:
works now
 :-* :-\ :D ;D :( ??? :'(
Android 9.1

Andrea B.:
Looks like the Gallery is back also!!
There were three http replacements which needed to be done manually. That seems to also have brought back the Gallery.

I think we might be done with the forum software. I will monitor this topic for any problems a member runs into on forum operation.

NOTE: We have not yet implemented a fix so that the "mixed content" warning is removed from browsers. This warning occurs for image display. So that will be worked on next. But meanwhile all your logins and topic typing are now secure.

Bent Hjarbo:
Thank you, for the nice and hard work :)
Looks nice now

Andrea B.:
You are very welcome.  ;D


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