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David Paterson:
I emailed the owner of Woodlands this morning, just to check, and she replied saying she is no longer the owner.

After I picked myself up off the floor, I asked her to put me immediately in touch with the new owner, and I have just had a long phone conversation wih them. They sound very nice, they live locally, and they said our rental was completely safe and safeguarding the existing rentals (not only ours) was part of the sale/purchase agreement.

It was a nasty little shock, but I am satisfied that our May week is safe from everything except the weather. And Donald Trump, of course. Nobody is safe from him.


Hi y'all

Not long to go now - less than 4 weeks. The local Tourist Board have not been helpful, and the same goes for the National Trust office - I was wanting to get a few "information packs" like we had here in Killin the last time. But I know the area pretty well so we will manage ok.

A reminder about money. The total cost is £980 and this has been paid in full. A deposit of £250 is reqd in case of damage, etc, and I will give the owner a cheque for that. It is of course returnable unless you guys tear the place up.

I have mentioned previously that the price we each paid was based on 12 participants ; however two members have dropped out so the price per head rises from £81.67 to £98.00 and you owe me £16.33 each   8) 8) 8)  Also, since I have plenty of time to do a little shopping, I intend to get a few of the absolute basics so that we can at least snack a little on arrival and have some breakfast on the Sunday. I plan to get -

Decaff instant coffee, Nescafe Gold Blend
Another breakfast cereal
Semi-skimmed milk
Biscuits (cookies)
A dozen eggs
Salt and pepper
Mineral water
Apple juice and orange juice
Smoked salmon
Rice for Frank

My wife will definitely contribute a couple of jars of her wonderful jam/ marmalade.

If anyone wants something added to the shopping list, just me know. But Beluga caviar and Alaskan oysters are OFF the menu.   ;D ;D

I don't want to be paid either the extra cost per head, or the food, until we are all safely in Kintail - the number of members could still change.

See you all in Kintail on 11th May, soon after 4pm (we can't get in the lodge until that time).
All the best,

I have paid in full the rent for our lodge, so the accommodation is secure. At the moment we are 9 plus one possible and as I have mentioned before, the per person cost was calculated when we were 12, so later on there will have to be some adjustment unless new participants join us.

Nearer to the date of our meet-up I will try to get information packs from the area tourist board.

Not much to do now except wait for May 11. 

(Original 18th Jan post - )
The week beginning 11th May is the clear favourite and we have two lodges holding that week for us - this will only last a day or two. Both are in Glen Shiel in one of the finest areas in the Highlands. One can sleep up to 10 people and will cost approx. £100 per person; the other is much grander altogether but with our present number of members - nine - would cost around £150 per person. This grander lodge can sleep 16-18 people so if we can recruit more members, the price will come down. But this is not certain.

My advice is to go with the smaller lodge; one of our number thinks he will camp rather than sleep in the lodge; also Bent and Gunver will not arrive until the 13th, so we will not be over-crowded.

Unless I hear something different by the end of today, I will go ahead and book the smaller lodge, and pay the deposit.


Frank Fremerey:
sounds great, thank you. Are you sure we will not reach 15+???

My best wishes of a fun and productive trip to all the participants.
As already explained to David, this week does not work for me, so I am sad to say I will not be joining you.
Glen Shiel is a very beautiful place and I much envy you; you'd better be organised because the nearest shops are a fairly long drive away!
On the plus side, a (long) day trip from there to Skye should be possible, for those interested.

Unfortunately I cannot make that week (or the following week).

Bent Hjarbo:
Sounds good, will plan accordingly.


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