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NikonGear Photo Race 2 - The Hague

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Jakov Minić:
From left to right:
Suse, Birna, Erik, Marit, Jan Anne, and Chris.
I am the personality saying come on baby light my fire.

Big thanks to Chris for letting me try his 8-15 fish-eye.

We are drinking Laphroiag, Syrian Wine called Bargylus, and I am all alone making an unhealthy and less visible environment.

Noooooo  ;D ;D ;D I’m not jealous!!!

  Have fun!

Jakov Minić:
Paco, we miss you!
Frank just arrived and is holding a lecture :)

The following image is made by Chris.
Laphroaig had to be present!

Jan, that´s some beard  :D

Bjørn Rørslett:
Marit and Erik are otherwise occupied. The Race is tomorrow, the night is now.


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