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Went out just before sunset and tried to get some interesting pictures from a place nearby. It's difficult to get inspired by places you know well, at least that's what i think.

Location: 51.338439, 5.270225

First two images have been shot from nearly the same spot, just turned around for different images. The small pond/brook is actually used by some cows ("wild" cows) for drinking. The last one effectively looking back at the first spot (you can't see it, it's behind the distant tree line).

Let me know whether you like the images or what you think could be improved. Thanks

Reviving this thread, even though it never got traction. I intend to keep this updated once in a while, like the very nice thread by John Geerts about the Regteheide (which is a different place than this one, link:

There were some wild fires lately and some of the area got burnt. Fortunately not (by a long mile) as severe as some other wild fires around the world, yet quite some damage to this little nature park. Some images to show the scorched earth and the vigilance of nature coming back up again. These were shot around the same area as the first 2 pictures that started this topic.

Hans, thanks for the bump to your 2017 postings.  I am enjoying these images.

Thomas Stellwag:

--- Quote from: Hugh_3170 on May 27, 2020, 14:52:55 ---Hans, thanks for the bump to your 2017 postings.  I am enjoying these images.

--- End quote ---


I like especially the 3rd one with the white grass

Thank you Hugh and Thomas. I'm glad you like them.

Once in a while, my wife let's me out and then i go to this area  :D

I visit it quite often, but usually without camera. I'll keep this thread alive, but postings may be infrequent.


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