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Re: [Theme] Musical instruments
« Reply #60 on: September 13, 2022, 02:33:13 »
Thanks Colin for the image and informative comment.  Yes, quite complex considering its antiquity.
Hugh Gunn


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Re: [Theme] Musical instruments
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So I'd heard the Donovan song about the Hurdy Gurdy man, but never seen one till now.

According to Wikipedia "The hurdy-gurdy is generally thought to have originated from fiddles in either Europe or the Middle East some time before the eleventh century A.D."
There's a handle on the lower left which rotates a wheel. This rubs on strings
- the two central ones (whose pitch can be changed using the keys) plus
- drone strings (as in bagpipes) on either side
I'm amazed at the complexity of something going back almosy a thousand years

The second image shows ancient kings playing one at the PĆ³rtico de la Gloria in the Catedral de Santiago de Compostela in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

This is a very educational shot showing the inside of the key mechanism.  Apparently, this hurdy-gurdy allows fine adjustment of each notes.  Thank you for sharing!
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Re: [Theme] Musical instruments
« Reply #62 on: September 13, 2022, 22:52:48 »
You're welcome Hugh & Akira.

I'll leave it to one of our Swedish members to tell us more about the even more fiendish Nyckelharpa