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Andrea B.:
If you changed your DNS server list during the recent outage and would like to restore it to its original condition, then here are some links showing how to do that.

Typically your ISP provider determines the DNS server to be used. It is probably a good idea to stay with your ISP's choice of DNS server unless you fully understand the implications of changing it in your local settings.

Windows DNS Server Settings
Reference Win 7 
Reference Win 8
Win 10 link missing

Windows Summary:
Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network & Sharing Center >
{select your connection} > Properties > Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) >
Properties > Use the following DNS server addresses >
{edit DNS addresses} > OK > {OK out of remaining windows}

MAC DNS Server Settings
Reference Mac

Mac Summary:
System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS > DNS Servers >
{edit DNS addresses} > OK  > Apply > Cmd-W


What is the essence of this content?

Bjørn Rørslett:
Sometimes the ISP-provided DNS servers fail to resolve our IP address. That issue might happen under very rare conditions in which the ISP servers cache IPs and there is an IP change for our server that runs Nikongear. We had that problem about 1 year and switching to another set of DNS servers helped temporarily solve the issue for most users.

Andrea B.:
Cristina is a bot.

Thanks for the clarification Andrea, I did wonder.  ::)


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