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tasteless food, tastefully presented

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Frank Fremerey:
There are some really good food shooters on flickr. And lots of bad food shooters on Instagram. The "I ate that" Photography is next to the "look at me". The first is not food photography the other no self portraiture.

Interesting how human life boils down to: Selfie. Eatie. Sexie.

Very basic. Not very far from our live in the caves .... earlier this year?

Frank Fremerey:
PS ... of course I value your compliments. Sometimes it seems like I am always working. Always trying to spin the story further.

Thank You

elsa hoffmann:
I am very keen on food photography - your shots are great !

Good looking shots Frank.

I hear you on the dumbing down of original recipes to match the taste in the host country. Try getting some Chinese food in the NL. Apart from some exceptions, you will always get the "Dutchified" Indonesian food. That's too bad. Even though i don't (by a long shot) eat each and every dish of the very diverse Chinese kitchen(s), there are certainly some very nice dishes which can't be had over here (NL, that is).

Sometimes, if you get to know the restaurant owners, they make some exceptions for you.

Jørgen Ramskov:
Even though I just had dinner, I'm hungry again.


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