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Erik Lund:

--- Quote from: Frank Fremerey on June 29, 2015, 10:30:25 ---.....
@Erik: Right. This is a spontaneous shoot in a restaurant at ISO 3200 hand held. In a controlled light environment like my studio I can do the thing with my Sinar and expose 1 second from a sturdy tripod at base ISO.

--- End quote ---
But the JPG file is fine as is... I don't seem to understand-  It's like you on purpose increased grain? or is it a side effect to sharpening? (Over-sharpening?)

Just trying to understand...

Frank Fremerey:
Yes, Erik. Pumping tonality through RAW processing for POP effect. Plus a tad of sharpening via Nik output sharpener. Together some grainlike effect you call distrurbing noise. Not even color noise visible.  More artifact noise.

The headroom for such processing in a D600 NEF or even soft JPEG is much bigger than in the X100T. Quite obviously due to physical restraints of 16 MP APSC wich is a pixel density in the D800 range, but also to not perfectly designed Xtrans processors. Bayer sensor processing has come a long way and is now very well proven tech. Xtrans processing is not equally well understood.




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