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Frank Fremerey:
I love the Cuisine of Vietnam and Thailand, alas many of the Restaurants here adapt so much to "European Taste" that after all there is no taste left. Of the items presented here the Tea was very nice (if one took the Lime out in time) and the Phở was OK after adding some hot Sauce. The Gỏi cuốn were also OK, but some of the veggies were too hard for my taste. The traditional "fish sauce" was very tasty. We also had two main dishes both were too tame (German "fade"). Of the Vietnamese Restaurants in Bonn this one is with a big gap the most friendly and the best presented place. The Ambiente is very current (furniture/music). For me taste is most important. I rather eat in a take out with a great cook than in a fine restaurant where my taste buds die of boredom.

The shot of the utensils against the magenta triangular napkin could be used as a logo, especially if shot from above. The food all looks inviting ... or perhaps it was the photography.  ;)

I just purchased a new outdoor grill/smoker/BBQ you need to come over and we'll get your taste buds into high gear.


nice images Frank, they make me salivate

Frank Fremerey:
Snapshots with the X100T macro mode. Very good light design in the Restaurant


--- Quote from: Frank Fremerey on June 26, 2015, 18:14:34 ---Snapshots with the X100T macro mode. Very good light design in the Restaurant

--- End quote ---
I have the 'S'. Fuji makes interesting and fun cameras.


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