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Do you still use an "obsolete" camera?

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Fons Baerken:
Do you still use an "obsolete" camera?
And does it show?
My idea to instigate a thread on the use of former, out-of-date cameras with images to show, matter of course.
Do they still hold up with the latest greatest?

D50 18-200mm vr f/3.5-5.6 G ED

Bjørn Rørslett:
I'm using "obsolete" camera on a daily basis. among these are Nikon D2H (documentary work for studio etc.),  D200 (IR and multispectal), D300 (visible reference shots for my UV botanicals; combined with a Medical-Nikkor 120/4), D40X (IR), Panasonic models (GF, GH-2),  and last but not the least my Fuji S3Pro and S5Pro for emulated colour IR applications.

My Nikon 1V1 cameras probably are about to become obsolete too if they aren't there already.

Sorry for being off-topic. Please delete.


Please define obsolete.
Do you mean superseeded by newer and better cameras?
Or not up to the task anymore? In what respect?


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