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Nikongear celebrates its First Anniversary !!


Bjørn Rørslett:
Today, it is precisely one year since the (NG) web site was launched into the wild waters of the Internet. Much has happened in the year following the site launch.

There is no single owner as NG is collectively owned by a Team comprising initially Bjørn Rørslett, Jan Anne Offereins, Erik Lund, and Jakov Minić. Andrea G. Blum joined the Team a few months later. Our expressed goals are the site be a high-quality meeting place for keen photographers, based on principles of non-profit,  low-cost, and an advertising-free haven. We do not accept donations directly, but anyone wanting to contribute can sign up as an NG Supporter by an annual subscription.

NG has grown to a web community comprising approx. 860 members who have contributed more than 55000 posts scattered over more than 3500 topics, and last but not least shared approx. 8 GB worth of pictures with the community and the world at large. From a modest beginning till today, more than 1 TB of data has been served to approx. 5 million visitors. The demand eventually grew to a level for which a dedicated server was required, and this server has been online since beginning of January, 2016. Each day thousands of visits occur and 5-6 GB of data is served to our visitors.

NG now encompass also and domains. The site can be reached through any of these portals. At present all portals show the same site structure, but this can and will change in the future as more features are implemented. High on the wish list is a Gallery functionality available to the NG Supporters.

Quantitative measures do not tell the entire story and it is the quality of images and discussions that continue to be a hallmark of the NG community, together with the relationships built through friendly debates and fostered by NG meet-ups; such events occur several times per year.

To mark the celebration of our 1st Anniversary, a 'lottery' is to be held. A valid NG subscription* is your lottery ticket, and the Prize is a Miniature Nikon camera, doubling as a USB stick and holding the original Press Pre-Release documents for the Nikon Df :D

We will draw the winner on June 23.  If a member isn't interested in the prize, it will pass on to the second entry on the list and so on.

*NG Team members and their families are of course not eligible

Bjørn Rørslett:
The Lottery Draw made NG Supporter 'Danulon' the winner :D

Once I have his snail mail address, there will be a miniature Nikon cum USB-stick on its way in the mail.

Congratulations to him and all members and supporters of our vital and thriving NG community.


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