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AF-S NIKKOR 28-300MM F/3.5-5.6G ED VR (field experience and more)

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Here, we call it the "Swiss knife" lens. I have an excellent experience with this often disregarded lens.  I use it where I have to travel light and where I have to use as well wide-angle and tele, without having the opportunity to take two bodies; where changing lenses is risky; or where I'm doing other things at the same time e.g. serving as a crew member; air shows and yachting are some of my favorite domains. The relative low aperture has never been a major problem, except for some situations were I need a very shallow depth of field (in the latter case I make a Ps fix).  To illustrate the above:

air shows:

Nikon D4s @ 36mm f/11

Nikon D4s @ 250mm f/5.6

Nikon D610 @ 300mm f/5.6


Nikon D4s @ 180mm f/6.3

Nikon D4s @ 28mm f/6.3

As you probably notice: sharpness is not a problem; the lens has a lot of distortion and vigneting: but this is quite well taken care off by Ps.

Now your comments, critiques, pictures  :)

Beautifully made,  very interesting images, MFloyd!   20131103-009 by 20131103-009-2 by longzoom, on Flickrcom/photos/longzoom/]longzoom[/url], on Flickr.     D800, at 300mm, 100% crop was printed last time to the size of 120X180cm, for scene decorations, (crop, I mean!). One of the best sharpest lenses it is, if one gets a good copy! Your copy is among the best I've ever seen! (Mine one too, BTW!) ;) :D  LZ

20121014-20121014-015-8 by longzoom, on Flickr.     This one is a crop of 100%,  at 180mm, f8.0.  D800. LZ

I did a whole trip to Venice (Italy) with D700 + 28-300 + 50/1.4G for some night shots. My son and I enjoyed it. He inherited the whole (except the 50/1.4, later replaced by a 50/1.8G) and also did two family wedding shootings with that gear.
The only very apparent flaw of that zoom is the strong pincushion distortion above 35mm, but it is such easy to fix automatically... so I dare say that Nikon designers made the right compromise.

This thread is most interesting and the great photos are reassuring. Some people criticize a lack of sharpness at longer FL, which where most use such a zoom.

Noting the CA problem, Bjorn rates the 28-300 a 4 minus across 3 Nikons tested - recommends stopping down....

Here are 3 overviews.

According to New York photographer Jay Maisel, he uses a 28-300 f/3.5-5.6G VR ED as his solo lens [cf his 2 superb books - It’s Not About the f-Stop pg 138-140... and Light, Color, Gesture]. And he was pleasantly surprised, being skeptical on first encounter


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