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Documentary: This scene touched me / wood carvings


Frank Fremerey:
For me a very important function of photography is to show things from the photographer's world to other people.

Photography is the medium that makes you see through my eyes and makes me see through your eyes.

Sometimes it is the way I emotionally compose, sometimes it is the way I rationally compose, sometimes it is the way I edit a picture to change the way we look at "normal, everyday things".

In this case I just found a beautiful wood carving in a church that is normally hidden from public sight because it is placed in the part of the church where usually only the Celebration Staff is admitted. The scene pictured in this wood carving touched me somehow. I cannot even explain why and how, but I want to share this impression with you and see if you also develop an emotional reaction towards the scene pictured in this wood carving.

Frank Fremerey:
The man who is freed from his bonds
his not expecting much
his thankfulness

two men with crowns
both detached from the others
very occupied with themselves

the three servants
maybe angles

three ordinary men
two women
one queen

The scene seems to be constructed  to shed all attention towards the man in bonds

touches my heart

As I get older, little things have much greater impact on me than they would have had in my youth. Maybe my news training is wearing off, where you are supposed to be detatched from every story. Or maybe, as I get older I find that even little things can have importance ... music ... a painting ... a prayer ... now, that I am older, everything easily hits an emotional cord. There are times when I realize how much life I've missed by keeping it al inside. Thank you for sharing this image and your thoughts.

Frank Fremerey:
I guess it has to do with my current life situation. A long bond that kept me down. A bond I seemed to be able to do nothing about. Now seems to be lifted from me. But I do not really care about anymore. If it really happens I will be thankful. Very much so.

The inner bond seems to have loosened already and this was the stronger one. The outer bond is more of a symbol.

To feel bound is first an inner condition.

Gary: we are trained to be cool, detached from our feelings. As a news reporter maybe even more than others


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