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Celtic Games


I told the events planner that pictures taken between 10 and 4 in the so-bright Maryland sun won't be optimal but she was adamant about their timing.
The different events can be described as extremely big, very strong people throwing various heavy things.
I must admit, after a short while, the novelty wore off.

Andrea B.:
Good shot, Lew!

Bjørn Rørslett:
The lumber-throwing event is the most spectacular ....

I think a frontal shot would have created a stronger image. (Of course you probably would have only captured one shot. :) )

The officials were remarkably firm about where non-referees could stand.
I tried standing near the target area at both the caber and hay bale toss and got pursued and expelled from the target area.
It turns out that there is an organization similar to FIFA for these games that is responsible and all-powerful where the actual contests are concerned and their word is law over the local hosts.

I mentioned that I competed in the javelin catch while in college and that met with not a smile.


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