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Andrea B.:
Please report any problems with the Themes here in this thread.
Please mention which Browser you are using.

Current Themes:

* Curve (blue & white rounded)
* Mr. Truckman (dark grey & white rectangular)
* Revival (Nikongear Yellow rectangular)There is an old Theme called Core which is not supported.
I can't seem to remove it from the Theme list!

Not sure whether this is a theme issue....
I am using the Nikongear theme.
Could we please have the thread starting date in the thread list of "Recent Unread Topics"


Bjørn Rørslett:
Since you reported this here, Andre will be happy (?) to include the issue on her TODO list. Growing by the minute.

Frank Fremerey:
Dear Andrea!

On the mobile phone the text input is very small and the line breaks are roughly double the screen size, so horizontal scrolling when composing a text is commonplace.

Is it possible to make the text input field sensitive to screen resolution?

EDIT: Thank you for your help. Any of my thinking might be wrong. I can only say that editing posts on my phone is very hard to do.

I like to have the input field to end on the side of the screen and the letter size to be readable.

Frank Fremerey:
24"-screen good to edit, 5,5"-Screen hard to edit


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