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How to get non-AI Nikkors converted?

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Tom Gresham:
I wasn't sure where to put this, so I'll just toss it in here.  I have a couple of older Nikkor lenses which are not AI. 

I'm looking for a recommendation on where to send them to get them converted.


I've sent a few lenses to John White at with good success.

Tom Gresham:
Thanks, Charlie.  Will do.

Bjørn Rørslett:
I anchor a thread with member experiences of converting the old Nikkors of the days before Nikon introduced the AI (Aperture Indexing) feature.

The purpose of such modification is to allow old Nikkors to be used on newer cameras. In order to effectuate this, either the aperture ring itself can be upgraded to an AI-compliant version, or modified  by removing parts of it to allow the lens to mount on these cameras. Upgrade kits are usually long out of stock for most lenses, thus the trimming and milling of the existing aperture ring tend to be required and for this task, special service facilities can be consulted.

Roland Vink:
I have a web page with information on AI conversions:
It gives a bit of history and a full list of AI conversion rings that Nikon had. Most are sold out long ago but some are still available on ebay and other places - my site has a few links to sellers that I know of. If you can get original rings that is the preferred option, it looks much better and you can be sure the AI ridge is in the correct place. Where original AI conversion kits are no longer available I also list some people who will do conversions by milling the original aperture ring.

If you find any errors or have new information, please let me know.


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