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The Fisheyed View of Our Universe


Bjørn Rørslett:
Once you start breaking the rules, anything goes. This process was initiated by mounting my venerable 10 mm f/5.6 OP-Fisheye-Nikkor on my D800 and making some snaps of a lush oats field. Of course Nikon claims the lens is incompatible with the D800, but I for one won't listen to such warnings as they are easily circumvented. The 10 OP in fact is a pretty decent performer as far as image quality goes. It also has an orthographic projection formula that is kinder to many subjects than the ordinary fisheyes.

Adding a moon capture done by a 300 mm Nikkor, using as backdrop  a Hubble image posted by NASA in the public domain, and I got this,

Entirely artificial looking of course because there is a lack of feeling any depth despite the Cosmic Void of the background. But I like it nevertheless as it arose from an idea I had in my mind.

Øivind Tøien:
Very nice to see this one again!


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