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Bjørn Rørslett:
As of today, there is just a single Nikongear site in existence. It can be accessed through or The NG Team also has secured with a view to further expansion. At present, all of these domains lead to the same core site so choose at will. There might be some specialisation later on, though.

We will work behind the curtains to clear up the issues search engines might encounter when old and now obsolete location references are entered into a web browser. If HTTP 404 errors occur, just use the home address (or .com) , or use the provided link on the new 404 Error page.

The reasons why there were two 'Nikongear' sites earlier are now moot and we are happy that reconciliation has taken place. Many members of NG also visit (FZ) and we encourage participation on either or both of them. They should co-exist peacefully.


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