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Bjørn Rørslett:
To be augmented:

Bjørn Rørslett

Under the nick name 'nfoto', familiar contributor from the old Nikongear and, for some time, from Fotozones. On 'NikonGear Revival' the full name will be used.

Material from other web sites (in particular Fotozones, but also  will be aggregated and presented again here on NG. Please do understand collecting and extracting all the stuff published elsewhere is a major undertaking and will require some time to complete, thus patience is advised.

Erik Lund:
I am really pleased to be able to co-reintroduce myself and NikonGear :)

  Erik Lund

Alias Erik Gunst Lund active on the old and various incarnations thereof but also on Leica User Forum due to Leica M

Daytime job is a combination of Patent Engineer and Photographer.

Enjoy NikonGear!

Jakov Minić:
Both Erik and Bjørn are too humble!
Even the birds on branches know that Bjørn is a walking photographic encyclopedia. It is practically impossible that you own a lens that he hasn't used during his illustrious years.
Even the stray cats know that I would allow Erik to perform heart surgery because the stray cats tell me that he is Dr. Lens!
I hope Jan Anne won't be as humble, since all the Alps can recognize and echo the sound of his BMW :)

My name is Jakov Minic, I live and work in The Hague, Netherlands.
Father of two and a true photo enthusiast!
My greatest photography skill is that I personally know the persons mentioned above and of course many others within NikonGear!


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