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The Matchstick Fleet.

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Mike G:
Went this weekend to the Matchstick Fleet exhibition at the Nothe Fort in Weymouth. The chap Phil Warren must have the patience of a saint! I served on HMS Bulwark in the 1960s. the very basic toolkit can be seen in the second photo

elsa hoffmann:
a great hobby I am sure. He must get regular back massages for sitting so long..

Mike G:
Elsa, I believe he is in his 80s and his wife keeps nagging at him to give it up now.

Stephen T Symes:
Hi Mike,

When I first saw this my first thought was this is so British, and wonderful, just like the Jags of the past, and the de-coding of the Emigma machine

Mike, these are amazing!

I heard that matchsticks are good materials for this kind of fine woodwork because the paraffine impregnated into the matchstick keep the bugs away.


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